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Universal Consciousness


The energy held by the Facilitator contains the knowing that the client before them holds their own wisdom, simply waiting to be remembered. 

The Facilitator will offer words like:  

“The greater consciousness of you, is  not bound by this body or human form…your natural state of being is free…as you return to most authentic ​and eternal self, resonating in remembered wisdom”.

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

The Philosophy Of Universal Consciousness embraces a number of key things:  


We don’t see trauma, difficulty or injury. We simply see a “request for resonance”, where the being before us seeks to transcend that which is occurring, to return to resonance. Our role is simply to help the client achieve this. We simply know that nothing is wrong and that from everything that unfolds in our lives we learn more. 


We see every healing journey or accumulation of wisdom as a chance to share this resonance with others, the earth herself or the greater universe. This is simply our contribution, offered in the energy of gratitude to all there is.  There are several methods that can be used to come back into Resonance.  

Emotional Echo – observing and transcending the disharmony from living our life’s purpose.  


Body Echo – observing and  transcending the imbalances in our physical bodies, as our bodies have been carefully selected and deserves unconditional love.  


Family Vibration – observing the transmission of inter-generational trauma in terms of our present consciousness. How we unconsciously continue to repeat old family patterns that continue to be transmitted through generations. We can finally understand them and find resonance for ourselves, our immediate family and our souls lineage.  

Womb consciousness – a window to our greater selves and understanding our life’s purpose, why we have chosen our particular astrological sign, name and all that those vibrations carry.  


Soul lineage – understanding the collective power of our soul’s life purpose  


Other lives – calling forward lifetimes of true significance and wisdom so as to live this current life in balance.  


Transcending addiction – we discover what is the missing connection that is perceived to be lost in our personal universe which in turn allows the release of addiction consciousness within ourselves.  


The Realms of Sound, Light and Vibration – we venture further out into the universe itself, visiting new realms beyond those we know and receiving their gifts and understanding.  


The Explorer Realms – places where we have never been before to help us live this life in complete resonance and assist humanity and Gaia as a whole.  


Within you everything you will ever need is lovingly held……….. simply awaiting to be remembered…

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Quantum Consciousness

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from moving forward in our life that has come about from our present life?  


What if we could understand another ‘You’, one that went in a different direction at a critical crossroad in our life?  


How might our life have turned out if we chose that other direction?  


How would it be if we could cross the veil, moving through that sliding door with the intention of meeting our other self?  


If we can incarnate in what appears to be human form, is it not also possible to incarnate in others forms, in other places, planets, dimensions?  


With the help of a Quantum Consciousness session, some of these questions can be answered.  

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness of Your Own Personal Universe. We commence the journey in the present consciousness, before moving out through the other realms, expanding your personal universe until you are the fabric of the cosmos itself.  


This safe and natural journey is undertaken in the energy of service by the facilitator who is able to gently activate the subatomic particles of You, while helping you embrace your expanded states of being, our combined energies creates something unique.  


We are a unique collection of subatomic particles that hold the potential of the Universe, part of the quantum field that holds all possibilities, simply awaiting conscious activation of the awareness ready  for activation.  


We are a portal to expanding states of awareness that offers deep wisdom and the ultimate reframe on life as we know it, a part of the fabric of the cosmos beyond time and space as we know it!  


Within all of us, we have a deeper guidance that is available if we simply stop and listen, we could call this a soul, similar to a GPS that guides us on our journey and lets us know when turns are approaching. 


We all have them and it’s our choice whether ours is full or as empty as we like. 

The Experience of Quantum Consciousness 

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury


Our Stored Consciousness reflects all the experiences that have happened in this lifetime, we are able to access ourselves at any age and we ask these aspects of ourselves to come forward to share wisdom or healing. 


We are looking at ourselves  as we are, have been or will be. Here we may understand any subconscious patterns and beliefs which are present from our current life, which are limiting us at the present time.  

What is holding us back right now from moving forward in our life that has come about from our present life?  We may have interaction with those aspects or ourselves who seek healing and wisdom that will serve us now, when we need them the most. 

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury


Then we travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where those important choices we made created a replication of ourselves in an alternate reality. We meet and share time with these alternates who have much to offer us.  


What if we could understand another ‘you’, one that went in a different direction at a critical crossroad in our life?  


How might our life have turned out if we chose that other direction?  


How would it be if we could cross the veil, moving through that sliding door with the intention of meeting our other self?  


Exploring this realm allows us to explore an alternate us who made that different choice. This brings the gifts of insight and healing as to how our life might have been, and the choices that we have made. 


In the Parallel Consciousness, our consciousness is active in many times and places on this planet all unfolding in unison, allowing the incredible potential to heal anything required in the lineage of our soul or even explore the talents and skills accumulated along the way of the our soul’s journey. Although alternates can help guide us towards healing or wisdom from decisions we have made along the timeline we know best.  


Again there is that exchange that leaves all aspects of yourself in a higher vibration. Here you explore past life experiences in order to bring the benefits of those past experiences into your present life through the lessons that were learned and the wisdom gained. 

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury


As we visit our Inter -Dimensional Consciousness our consciousness can exist in other types of bodies, existences and dimensions.  


If we can incarnate in what appears to be human form, is it not also possible to incarnate in others forms, in other places, planets, dimensions?  


Think of the insight that can come from exploring into our own existence in the inter-dimensional realms.  

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury


There is an aspect of our consciousness that exist in every realm.  


We can be in the forever changed and evolved Present Consciousness of who we are in any Consciousness, all still with a single unifying and unique Eternal Consciousness that records our experiences as the lineage of our soul so we can feel our deepest, expanded authenticity.  

The Essence of Quantum Consciousness 

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Creator Effect 


“We are here for the creation of deep and profound healing, embracing the energy of selfless service”.  


We are the Masters and Creators of our own reality, which resonates highly with the concept of free will. We choose a path whether it be consciously or unconsciously.  We are healing the fabric of the cosmos as our personal universe sends a ripple of healing into the All.  




“We open a portal to deeper realms of Consciousness”.  


The best part of this is that we will always be connected to the other selves that are part of our personal universe, no matter what existence they’re in, allowing the universe to know we are ready to travel to any realm of consciousness, including  those not yet experienced. 



“We flow with the energy to where the greatest wisdom may be offered”.  


As we connect with our Intangled other selves, our awareness is everywhere in our personal universe. We can be in many places at once, we exist everywhere that our consciousness is.  


As we create this intention, we are asking our greater consciousness to show us where the disruptions are in our personal universe, thus we seek the greatest wisdom and or the greatest opportunity for healing, by creating these interactions with our other selves, we contribute to the raising of our vibration and the ripple effect onwards.  


Holographic Healing 


“As we heal in each realm of consciousness, we send a wave of wisdom through all the others”.  


This is where we can send a ripple of healing and wisdom through every level of consciousness and then even further into the fabric of the cosmos.  


Expanded States Of Awareness 


Expanded consciousness is parallel with the intention that we set, allow ourselves to remember what it is like to have an out of body experience while still in the body, as it no longer seems as a restriction, once we know it is simply a unique expression of Quantum Energy particles and it becomes a portal to the other realms of consciousness

Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy with a real difference:  


We are so much more than what we perceive ourselves to be in this life. All our experiences are carried with us in our energy field. We are surrounded by everything that has ever happened to us and the beliefs, including the feelings we store from those events, as they are stored the deeper realms of who we are, in our subconscious minds, where some of our greatest fears and our greatest potential are held. We empower people to find their own answers and find purpose in their lives.  

We seek magnificence in people…  


We truly believe that every person is a spiritual masterpiece waiting to move into a remembered state of being. This is why we don’t chase trauma or go into the difficulties that people have experienced.  

There is often a need to share some history and we always honour the story that someone brings, as that is the most wonderful start point for the creation of intention.  


Then we move through this into what lies beyond. We come here to learn and understand our role in the greater story that is unfolding, within life. We are the creators of our own destiny, designers of our lives and healers of ourselves. 

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

 A new vibration for our clients  


Rather than move into past traumas or difficulties, we use a number of powerful healing archetypes that come from within the client themselves. Archetypes have been used through history as ways to access the collective unconsciousness in order to heal. In the case of the client we access these archetypes from within themselves, as their own deep and profound connection to the collective of all there is.  


These 5 Archetypes, The Wise Self, The Healed Self, The Authentic Self, The Messenger or an Ancestor bring healing through the application of different offerings of healing for Time Travel (visual), Story Telling (auditory) or Transformational State (kinaesthetic).  

We also have Past Life Archetypes that allows us to connect to the lineage of our Soul which is a bridge into the collective unconscious that we ourselves have created over many lifetimes.  

Using Dr Micheal Newton's methodology of traditional regression and linear time, with the new hypnoenergetics 5D vibrational technique, we can release what is holding us back, retrieve information that serves in our life today to help us stand in our own power more easily and to explore for insight and growth, that in turn allows us to step forward in our lives with greater authenticity and understanding of who we really are.  

Where this work is fundamentally different from other modalities is that we facilitate an experience for our clients that draws the best from them and gives it to them as a resource for all time. 

Those greater aspects of our client stay with them as ongoing resources to take forward into their lives in a way that empowers them and brings lasting change.  

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