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Ariston Health Acupuncture Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury
Ariston Health Acupuncture Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury
Ariston Health Acupuncture Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Looking for a way to improve your overall health and wellbeing? Ariston Health, offers a range of other holistic services, including acupuncture, bioenergetics for both pets and humans, hypnotherapy, past life regression, and more. Dr Billie will work closely with you to meet your needs and support your individual healing journey.

Ariston Health Acupuncture Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Acupuncture - Cosmetic & Esoteric

More than just another form of acupuncture, esoteric acupuncture is an advanced energy healing technique that introduces the concept of viewing various levels of wellness rather than working on various levels of disease.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a fast, effective way to address:  fine lines and wrinkles sagging, drooping and loss of firmness pigmentation acne and acne scarring dull, dry, lifeless complexions sagging eyelids.

Ariston Health Bioenergetics NES Health  Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Bioenergetics - NES Health

Your body is made up of 70-100 trillion cells, and these cells perform thousands of biochemical functions every day. But what controls the biochemistry of your body? Well, we now know that the answer is … Energy.  

We can now accurately read your Body-Field and tune it to engage your body’s self-healing ability so that your body can more easily return to optimum function and health in a natural and safe way.

Ariston Health Hypnotherapy Dr Billie Ariston Sunbury

Quantum & Universal Consciousness (Hypnotherapy)

The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness of Your Own Personal Universe.

We commence the journey in the present consciousness, before moving out through the other realms, expanding your personal universe until you are the fabric of the cosmos itself.  

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