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Esoteric Acupuncture & Meditation

Esoteric Acupuncture emphasises staying within our Higher Heart Center, our Divine Spiritual Center that resonates with the frequency of the heart and the number “one”.

In this time phase of rapid change on planet Earth, we can no longer rely solely on the old paradigm, is no longer viable. With spraying of chemtrails, electromagnetic frequencies, radiation constantly from your smart phones, smart watches, tablets, smart TV’s, towers, satellites and electric cars, are contributing to the inability to stay heart centered.

It’s important to learn how to quickly align our inner frequency heart center. This Inner Spiritual Higher Heart Path, is our own ever evolving Tree of life.

Esoteric Acupuncture is designed to align the whole body on all levels, from the dense physical, etheric, astral and mental planes, moving from one plane of consciousness to a more desirable plane of consciousness, becoming more aware of the consciousness shift of self and the collective.

Each and every one of us has everything we need and will ever need, contained within our consciousness. We are all already ‘enlightened’ beings, the majority of humans have forgotten how to access the fields of consciousness.

By quietening or finding you true quiet center and remain in that deep centeredness and calm within, you will be able to shape and transform your outer world to resonate with your inner world.

By awakening kundalini, expanding consciousness and remaining in our Inner Spiritual Heart Center, will reveal a whole new world, both inner and outer, that will indeed make us super humans.

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